PV-Grid Connect System

PV-Grid Connect System This system can be similar in components to a stand-alone system except the house is also connected to utility grid power. The PV array can provide most or a small portion of the energy demand of the household. The grid power is always available (except during outages). When the batteries’ voltage reaches a preset low point, cialis an automatic transfer switch connects the grid to the house loads. This transfer switch can be a separate component or can be a factory built-in component in the inverter. A manual transfer switch can also be used. The grid can simultaneously power a battery charger either in the inverter or as separate unit. The initial investment of the PV can be low for this system, allowing for a gradual build up of the PV array, until total energy independence is obtained. Again, system costs can be relatively small depending on how much actual grid power is used. Another option with grid intertie is selling power back to the power company using a synchronous inverter. This is now the most popular arrangement for home solar power.