PV-Gas Generator Hybrid System

PV-Gas Generator Hybrid System This system consists of a PV array, viagra batteries, a traditional generator fueled by gas, diesel or propane, a large battery charger, and an optional inverter. This system has the advantage of sizing the array for average or above average sunshine availability and letting the generator make up the difference during cloudy spells or heavy power demand situations. Automatic generator start systems that sense battery voltage can operate the generator for charging batteries and powering appliances. The size of the battery bank need not be as large as a stand-alone system of comparable size as long as the generator stays healthy and the noise is tolerable. In addition, diagnosis some inverters have optional built-in battery chargers that plug into any 110 AC generating source with programmable charge rates and voltage levels. System cost could range from $1500 to $4000 with the main variable being actual generator running time vs. PV array size.