Wind energy installationWind energy depends on the right site for its success. In some parts of the Rocky Grove service area, buy wind energy can be a wise investment.

Your site should have adequate area for a tower installation. Tower types may either be a tilt- up, telescoping, sick or a crane assisted self-standing (no guy wires) which may need to be least 80 feet tall or higher. They will require a circular area with at least a 100’ radius from the tower base. This area will encompass possible guy wires that support the tower and allow the raising and lowering of the tower for turbine maintenance. A tower needs the proper clearance from trees, order buildings, and any obstacles that can create wind turbulence. In general a wind tower needs to be 20 feet taller than the highest obstacle within a 500 foot radius from the tower base.

Wind systems can be set up in two different ways: grid-tied or battery based. A grid tied wind system consists of these components:

  • a wind generator
  • an inverter that converts the energy from the generator to grid quality energy that can be used in your home or exported to the grid for a net metering credit

A battery based wind system will also have a battery to store the energy. If more energy is produced after the battery is full, excess energy can be burned off by heating air or water.

Ideally, you’ll measure your wind resource for a year before we design your wind system. Contact us for recommended measuring systems. While this may seem impractical if you’re ready to make a decision now, it will give you the most accurate guideline for your system.