Rocky Grove Will Be Closing

Rocky Grove will be closing at the end of the month.

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Will Solar Energy Be the Cheapest Option?


Douglas Hutchings, a tech entrepreneur here in Northwest Arkansas, has recently received half a million dollars in grant money from the Department of Energy for his work on one simple effort: making the materials for solar energy installations cheaper.¬† Hutchings … Continue reading

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A New Business Model for Solar Energy?

Grid tied battery backup system overlooking Beaver lake. System installled for Stitt Energy on one of their custom homes.

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu would like to see a change in the way solar power is installed¬† in U.S. homes — not in the technical procedure, but in the business model. No, homeowners and business owners pay … Continue reading

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Music Powered by the Sun


The Block Street Block Party was a day of sun and fun in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was also a day of music, on multiple sound stages including this one, where the Fayetteville Roots Festival held sway. This one was … Continue reading

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Check Out Our Sunny New Interactive Map


Did you notice the snazzy new interactive map on our homepage? This shows some of the installations we’ve done recently. The interactive part is that you can move the map around to see more locations, and click on the sun … Continue reading

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What’s Now 100 Times Cheaper than in 1977? Solar Power

Yep, solar power cost over $76.00 a watt to produce in 1977, but it’s now just about 74 cents a watt, as shown in this chart from ClimateProgress via Robert Gonzales.

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Beaver Lake

beaver lake

A beautiful solar array in a beautiful setting overlooking Beaver Lake. Some people hesitate to consider solar energy for their homes or businesses for fear that the aesthetic value of their building will be lessened. In fact, a solar array … Continue reading

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John Brown University Gets Solar Power


First of three new solar arrays at John Brown University nears completion. Custom fabricated steel and aluminum racking system attaches modules to existing windscreen. Micro inverters are installed behind each module and produce 208VAC to match the three phase utility … Continue reading

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What’s more efficient: photosynthesis or photovoltaic cells?


You might be surprised to learn that PV cells beat plants in their efficiency at turning sunlight into energy. Scientific American reported that photosynthesis turns about 3% of the sunlight a plant receives into energy, while a solar panel harvests … Continue reading

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What’s a solar pathfinder?

solar pathfinder

Here it is, the solar pathfinder. To get the best return on your solar energy investment, you have to have the right size of array, in the right place, with the right orientation. To calculate these things accurately, you need … Continue reading

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