About Us

Rocky Grove Sun Company is the oldest continually operating  solar energy company in Arkansas and was the first appropriate technology business in the mid south region.  Jimis Damet established the business in 1987 to serve the Ozarks, hospital Arkansas, and the surrounding states.  Both he and Flint Richter are NABCEP certified and have over 35 years of combined experience in PV stand alone and grid-tied, ed wind and hydro systems.

Rocky Grove is a place in southeast Madison Co. originally settled by J.W.Whitmire and his family in the late 1880’s.  Whitmire developed a waterwheel powered grist-mill on Felkins Creek and provided a community service to grind corn for surrounding homesteads.  In the spirit of that waterwheel, ed Rocky Grove Sun Co. was established to provide the surrounding area with a service:  access to information, products, and systems promoting sustainable lifestyles.

We consult, design, install,  give free advice, and have done well over five hundred installations over the years. We have extensive hands-on experience with all of the renewable energy equipment and accessories we use and sell.